How do I sell a barcode ticket on StubHub?

What options do I have to deliver tickets I sell on StubHub? Mobile transferTickets are in the online account where you bought them (the team, Ticketmaster, etc.) Flash SeatsMobile-only tickets stored in a Flash Seats (AXS) account.

What options do I have to deliver tickets I sell on StubHub? Mobile transferTickets are in the online account where you bought them (the team, Ticketmaster, etc.) Flash SeatsMobile-only tickets stored in a Flash Seats (AXS) account.

Likewise, can you scan tickets to sell on StubHub? Listing hard copy tickets as PDFs on StubHub. You can‘t make PDFs from scans or photos of hard copy tickets. You must list your tickets the way you received them and choose Paper tickets. If the paper tickets option is gone, it means there isn’t enough time to ship tickets.

Correspondingly, how do you resell tickets?

Listing tickets from your account

  1. Sign in to your My Account and tap on your order to view tickets.
  2. Tap the Sell Tickets button.
  3. Select the ticket(s) you’d like to sell.
  4. Price your ticket(s) to sell.
  5. Select which payment method you’d like to receive your funds.
  6. Review your listing and you’re done.

Can I resell etix tickets?

If you have any questions, please contact us. Etix is an Internet-based, print-at-home ticketing service. We are hired by our clients to sell THEIR tickets. Policies set forth by our clients do not allow us to exchange or refund tickets once an event has taken place for any reason.

What is mobile transfer on StubHub?

Mobile transfer tickets will be transferred to you and viewed on a mobile device. You’ll need an iPhone or Android phone to scan your tickets at the gate. • Mobile tickets are viewed on the StubHub app (or a mobile web browser) using a mobile device.

Is it better to sell tickets on StubHub or TicketMaster?

So the answer is – yes, you should sell on TicketMaster and Stubhub at the same time, only if you’re in the business. Good luck! You can, but the software to do this kind of thing (so that the tickets are removed from one site immediately after they’ve sold on another) generally starts in the $99 per month range.

How do I transfer StubHub mobile tickets?

With Mobile transfer tickets, you need to accept a ticket transfer to view them on your phone. We’ll send you an email when your tickets are ready. The email has an Accept tickets button: Click or tap Accept tickets. Follow the instructions to create an account where the tickets are stored.

How long does it take for StubHub tickets to transfer?

Electronic Delivery – After you place your order, the seller has 48 hours to confirm it and deliver your tickets. As soon as the seller confirms you order, StubHub will send you an email with instructions on how to download and print your tickets.

What happens if my tickets don’t sell on StubHub?

If the tickets you’re reselling on StubHub don’t sell, they’re still yours. You can try to sell them elsewhere or give them to a friend. You’re only charged a sell fee if the tickets sell.

Is selling tickets on StubHub safe?

StubHub is a legitimate place to buy tickets but it does have its limitations. As long as you use the site with these in mind, you should have no problems. As always when buying anything online caveat emptor is the term of the day.

Can you make money reselling tickets on StubHub?

StubHub is simply the most effective way to sell your tickets quickly without any risk of fraud. Yes, they’ll take 15% of the sales price but that’s the cost of doing business in this game. And it’s a fair price to pay for the protections that they offer their buyers and sellers.

How do I transfer tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub?

If you’re sending/transferring tickets: Sign to My Account and click on your event to find your tickets. Click the “Transfer Tickets” button (event eligibility may vary) Select the tickets you’d like to transfer. Enter your recipient’s first and last name, email address and an optional note. * Click the “Send” button.

How can I sell my tickets fast?

Here are 10 ways you can sell out faster. 10 Ways to Sell Out Your Event Faster. Use a professional ticketing platform that’s mobile-friendly. Pre-release tickets to an exclusive group. Offer early bird pricing. Offer promo codes. Offer group deals. Track your sales and promotion effectiveness.

How much does Ticketmaster charge to resell tickets?

It has a hefty price charges, for example for a ticket base fare of $25, Ticketsmaster charges $7.75 convenience fees charge, that is at least10%. If you are reselling your tickets on Ticketmaster, there is also a resale service fee based on ticket face fare.

How can I sell my mobile ticket?

How to list Mobile transfer tickets on StubHub Click Sell tickets from the home page or event page. Sign in (or create) a StubHub account, and follow the instructions. Enter your credit card details (you’re required to have a valid card on file to keep your account safe and secure) and choose a way to get paid. Click Create listing.

Why can’t I sell my tickets on Ticketmaster?

If you don’t see a “Sell” button, selling your tickets through Ticketmaster is not available. Tickets purchased over the phone with Ticketmaster or through a third party are not available for Fan-to-Fan Resale through Ticketmaster. In order to resell your tickets for events in the US, you must have a US bank account.

How do you know if concert tickets are real?

The only way to know your tickets are authentic, is to buy Ticketmaster “Verified Tickets” directly from Ticketmaster or Live Nation, or get them at the venue box office. These tickets will always be 100% authentic. All other tickets purchased through Ticketmaster should be valid for entry.

When should I resell concert tickets?

If you’re a seller, you’re most likely to get the highest price for your ticket 30-35 days before the show. If you’re looking to sell in the last 30 days (because of an unexpected schedule conflict?), you should do so right away. The price is likely to continue falling until show time.