How do I subscribe to Vanity Fair?

By subscribing you agree to our User Agreement and Privacy Policy & Cookie Statement. Customer Service can be reached at, 1-800-365-0635, or by email. The current annual rates are: In the U.S., a bundle subscription is $49.99.

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Also Know, how do I cancel my Vanity Fair subscription? If you will be out of town for a while, or would like to temporarily stop your subscription for any reason, please contact Vanity Fair Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-365-0635 or email us.

Just so, what is my Vanity Fair subscription number?

If you have questions or need further assistance, contact Vanity Fair Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-365-0635 or click here to e-mail us.

How do I submit an article to Vanity Fair?

To send letters to the editor, click CONTACT US, or e-mail us at [email protected] You can also fax your correspondence to 212-286-4324. In all cases, be sure to include your name, address, and daytime phone number. Vanity Fair reserves the right to edit your submission and publish or otherwise use it in any medium.

Who writes for Vanity Fair?


How much is a Vogue subscription?

They’ll also be raising the price of the magazine from $5.99 to $6.99 (the notoriously thick September issue will be a whopping $9.99). Devoted Vogue subscribers will be paying close to $84 a year on fashion editorials and celebrity interviews. That’s $24 more than a yearly subscription to The New Yorker (!!!).

Where is Vanity Fair headquarters?

In 1998, VF moved its headquarters from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania to Greensboro, North Carolina to be closer to more of its operations. The company sold its “Vanity Fair” lingerie business to Fruit of the Loom for $350 million in cash on January 23, 2007.

How Much Is a Time magazine?

TIME is an award-winning American news magazine that reports on politics, health, business, technology, science, entertainment, and world news. Cover price is 5.99 a copy. TIME, published by TIME USA, LLC, currently publishes 14 double issues. Each count as two of 52 issues in an annual subscription.

Does Walmart sell Vanity Fair magazine?

Walmart will still sell Cosmopolitan, but the magazine will now be displayed in the magazine stands among other publications instead of near the cash registers. The move is reminiscent of Walmart’s reaction to the 1991 cover of Vanity Fair featuring a pregnant and nude Demi Moore.

How do I contact Vanity Fair?

Subscription Questions Any queries about U.S. or international subscriptions should go to Customer Care. Or call 800-365-0635.

Does Vanity Fair publish fiction?

Vanity Fair (1868–1914), British It offered its readership articles on fashion, current events, the theatre, books, social events and the latest scandals, together with serial fiction, word games and other trivia.

How do I cancel my Conde Nast subscription?

You can cancel your subscription (or a gift subscription) at our self-service Customer Care portal. Alternatively, you can call a Customer Service representative at 800-444-7570 (or 515-243-3273, if outside the United States) or e-mail [email protected]

What app does Vanity Fair Use?

Download the free Vanity Fair app from the Amazon Appstore for Android.

Does the Paris Review pay?

The Paris Review pays up to $1000 per story. We strongly suggest to all who submit that they read the most recent issues of The Paris Review to acquaint themselves with material the magazine has published and to gauge appropriate story lengths.

Why is the magazine called Vanity Fair?

“Vanity Fair” originally meant “a place or scene of ostentation or empty, idle amusement and frivolity”—a reference to the decadent fair in John Bunyan’s 1678 book, The Pilgrim’s Progress. Vanity Fair, the magazine, appeared in three incarnations in the 1800s.

How many pages is Vanity Fair?

Vanity Fair (novel) Title page to the first issue of the Vanity Fair serial, whose canary-yellow colour became a Thackeray hallmark. Thackeray was also responsible for its illustrations. Author William Makepeace Thackeray Pages xvi,624 (1848 first edition) OCLC 18798256 Dewey Decimal 823.8

How do you pitch a Nymag?

To pitch a feature to our editors, please send a description of the topic of your piece by email to [email protected] or by mail and we will contact you. New York will not consider unsolicited manuscripts.

How do you cold pitch an editor?

Several editors (and former editors, including yours truly) have the following tips: Pitch a human being. Know who you’re pitching. Know which section you’re pitching. Pitch a story, not a topic. Be original. Write an excellent subject line. Don’t attach a full draft, even if you already have one written.