How many licensed contractors are there in Florida?

Types of Contractor’s License in Florida

Always verify a contractor’s license by visiting, calling (850) 487-1395 or by downloading the free DBPR Mobile app.

Secondly, how many companies can a Florida contractor qualify? Construction Qualifiers: Qualifying More than One Construction Business in Florida. Can a construction licensee qualify more than 1 construction business? Yes. A qualifier may qualify two or more businesses.

Secondly, how much is a contractors license in Florida?

License and Registration Fees Licensing fees for certified contractors are: $249 – when applying between May 1 of an even year and August 31 of an odd year. $149 – when applying between September 1 of an odd year and April 30 of an even year.

How do you get a residential contractors license in Florida?

Below are some of the requirements needed to become a licensed Residential Contractor in the State of Florida:

  1. Age: Must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Examination: Must take and pass the state certification examinations (Contract Administration, Project Management, and Business & Finance).

Does a handyman need a license in Florida?

General Florida Law According to Florida state law, a general handyman does not need a license to perform basic repair and maintenance tasks for homeowners. However, a handyman is limited in the services he can provide without a license.

Do you need a license to hang drywall in Florida?

Florida requires licensing for drywall or gypsum contractors. If you want to start a drywall business of your own in Florida, you have to meet the license requirements: You’re at least 18 years old. You pass the state drywall certification exam, as well as a test in business and finance.

How do I become a contractor in Florida?

Florida Contractors License Application Requirements Be 18 years of age. Show proof of financial solvency — Including submitting proof of a FICO credit score of a minimum of 660. Scan and comply with an electronic fingerprint. Provide proof of general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

What states reciprocity with Florida Contractors License?

Florida has no reciprocity agreements; however, does endorse certain examinations from California, Georgia, and North Carolina for electrical contractors in select categories.

Can a felon get a contractors license in Florida?

Can a person convicted of a felony apply for and be granted a general contractor’s license? And while there are specific statutes which do prohibit convicted felons from being granted licenses, construction is not one of them, at least in Florida.

Where to find if a contractor is licensed?

How do I find out if my contractor is licensed? Go to If you know the contractor’s license – you can enter it on the right hand side of the page. Review the Business Name to ensure it matches any information you have been given including website, contracts, and any marketing material (business cards, brochure, etc).

How much do contractors make?

General Contractors (including construction managers) earn an average of $43.93 per hour, or $91,370 per year.

How do I get my contractors license?

You’ll need to complete a 60-hour pre-licensure course and you must pass a test. The general contractor license is awarded by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). Commercial construction contractors must contact their local county building offices for permits or licenses.

How long does it take to get a general contractor license in Florida?

To become a general contractor in Florida, you must pass a state issued contractor exam and have at least 4 years of work experience. Though the contractor exam costs money to take, it can help you find positions as a contractor through construction companies.

How much work can you do without a contractor license in Florida?

General Construction Work While many states have a dollar limit of $1,000 on handyman jobs, there is no such limit in Florida.

How much is a contractors license?

Licensing fee of $200. Proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance. $15,000 California Contractor License Bond.

How much is a handyman license in Florida?

For a certified contractor license, you need to pay $249 when applying between May 1st of an even year and August 31st of an odd year. (The fee is prorated to $149 when applying between September 1st of an odd year and April 30th of an even year.)

Can you be your own general contractor in Florida?

Florida State law requires construction to be done by licensed contractors. The exemption allows you, as the owner of your property, to act as your own contractor with certain restrictions even though you do not have a license. You must provide direct, onsite supervision of the construction yourself.

How hard is it to become a general contractor?

To become a general contractor, you need at least a high school diploma, but there is an increase in a need for a bachelor’s degree or at least an associate degree, plus years of construction industry experience. Regardless of education though, experience in the industry is the most important requirement.