What does Demon Lover mean?

noun. 1A lover in spirit form; a lover that is a demon. 2An exceptionally good lover.

In “The Demon Lover,” Kathleen Drover returns to her home in London to collect things for her family, who have fled due to World War II. Kathleen finds a mysterious letter. It has no stamp or return address. The letter reminds her of a promise she made to meet with her supposedly deceased former lover.

One may also ask, who is the cab driver in the Demon Lover? Major Themes Drover suffered the consequences of her action. Perhaps the driver of the taxi was the soldier, incarnated as a demon, or the devil, come to retrieve the damned Mrs. Drover.

Likewise, people ask, who sent the letter in The Demon Lover?

Kathleen Drover

What is the conflict in the Demon Lover?

In the story, The Demon Lover, by Elizabeth Bowen the major character, Mrs. Kathleen Drover, has an inner conflict. She is struggling to make a decision, take an action or overcome her feelings from the begining of the story till the end.

What is the mood of the demon lover?

In “The Demon Lover,” Bowen uses the war as a backdrop to the story and this contributes to the gloomy and depressing mood. Mrs Drover’s family, for example, have left the house and moved to the country because of the danger posed by the Blitz.

What is the setting of the demon lover?

The setting of “The Demon Lover” is the empty streets of London, whose inhabitants have fled the destruction of their homes.

What happens after Mrs Drover leaves the house?

Drover leaves the house, a lone taxi pulls up to pick her up. The text tells us that Mrs. Drover, the taxi driver begins to drive back to her house. She begins to panic when she realizes what is happening.

Why is Mrs Drover upset by the letter?

Secondly, Mrs. Drover has had all her mail redirected by the Post Office, meaning that all letters sent to her house in London are automatically sent to her address in the country. This means that the caretaker did not leave this letter there because he had no reason to suspect that she would receive it.

Where does the story Demon Lover take place?


What is the theme of the Demon Lover by Elizabeth Bowen?

Elizabeth Bowden’s “The Demon Lover” has two themes: the effects of war on civilians and the return of the past. The story takes place during World War II. The main character, Kathleen Drover, also lived through World War I, when her fiancé went missing.

How does Mrs Drover react to finding the letter on the hall table?

When Mrs. Kathleen Drover discovered the mysterious letter on the table in her hallway, she did not know who it was from or what it was about. Drover reacts after reading the mysterious letter and then the flashback where she remembers the last time she saw her “Demon Lover”.

Why does Mrs Drover’s house appear strange to her?

Drover’s house appears strange to her because she is no longer in residence. This is because World War Two has broken out and it is far safer to be in “the country” than in the bomb-threatened city.

How does the war setting make the Demon Lover more believable?

How does the war setting make the setting of “The Demon Lover” more believable? It provides a good reason for the house’s emptiness. It creates a situation in which bombing could occur. The war akes it likely for ghosts to roam the streets.

Why is Mrs Drover in London?

Expert Answers info Drover is at her home in London to fetch some family belongings and to check on her house. Currently, Mrs. Drover and her family are staying in the country. Since the war began, frequent bomb attacks have wrecked many houses in the city.

How does reading the letter make Mrs Drover feel?

Expert Answers info Drover reacts after reading the mysterious letter and then the flashback where she remembers the last time she saw her “Demon Lover”. Initially her reaction is one of instant fear. Note the description: Unable, for some minutes, to go on kneeling with her back exposed to the empty room, Mrs.

What does Mrs Drover struggle avoid?

Expert Answers info In Elizabeth Bowen’s short story, set during World War II, the protagonist, Mrs. Kathleen Drover, has returned from the countryside where she and her family had taken refuge to avoid the bombs falling on London. The familiar streets and house make her reflect back on her past life.

What effects does Mrs drover’s life have on her appearance?

Mrs. Drover’s appearance matched her inner feelings. She was tired, weary, feeling the effects of an illness, underweight, and anxious. She had been changed by the war and by the recent years.

What promise did Mrs Drover make?

Expert Answers info In the short story, “The Demon Lover,” by Elizabeth Bowen, Kathleen, the protagonist, finds herself questioning the promise her fiancee made twenty-five years earlier. The promise is that “I shall be with you . . . sooner or later. You won’t forget that. You need do nothing but wait.”