What is a Bichette?

Noun. bichette f (plural bichettes) (Jersey) female kid (young goat)

Pookie. You’re good at being high.

Also Know, what does Moncur mean in French? English Translation. my heart. More meanings for mon coeur. my sweetheart.

Also to know, is Ma Cherie romantic?

Another term you’re sure to hear often in French-speaking countries is mon chéri (said to men) and ma chérie (said to women). This means “my dear” or “my darling”, and is a more general term than mon amour. Just like in English, it can be used for other close loved ones besides your romantic partner.

What is Pookie drug?

A pookie here in Southern California refers to the glass pipe used to smoke crystal meth.

What is a Pookie pie?

Introducing: the Pookie, a cookie-coated pie. This behemoth starts with an entire 8-inch pie, ideally erring on the slightly under-baked side, which is then covered on all sides in butterscotch chip cookie dough and baked to golden, crispy perfection.

What does Pooky mean in German?

The meaning of the name “Pooky” is: “Cute Person”. Categories: American Names, German Names, Unisex Names. Used in: English speaking countries, German speaking countries.

How do you call a girl beautiful in French?

Talking to Women. Tell a woman she is beautiful with “Tu es belle.” This literally translates to “You are beautiful.” The first part, “tu es” means “you are,” and the word “belle” translates as “beautiful.”

What is the most beautiful word in French?

Here are the most beautiful French words Argent – silver. Atout – asset. Arabesque – in Arabic fashion or style. Bijoux – jewelry. Bisous – kisses. Bonbon – candy. Brindille – twig. Câlin – hug.

How do u say goodnight in French?

The standard way to say “goodnight” in French is “bonne nuit,” but there are multiple ways you can express that sentiment. Say goodnight with Bonne nuit! Bonne means “good.” Nuit means “night.” Pronounce the phrase as bohn NWEE.

How do you say BAE in French?

Say “mon bébé d’amour “ it means my sweet bae. You can also find other words like, if you’re talking to a women you can say “Ma chérie ” And to a man “Mon Chéri” these 2 mean “my dear” .

What is Mi Amore?

“Mi amor” means “my love”. If you want to say it differently, you can say “amorcito”. You can say “dulzura de mi vida” “sweetness of my life”, and a bunch of other lovely complements.

How do you call your lover in French?

1 – French Love Nicknames Used to Speak to Men and Women: Mon amour – my love. Mon ange – my angel. Mon trésor – my treasure. Mon coeur – my heart. Mon canard – my duck – yes, I know… Mon chou – my sweet bun (un chou à la crème is a cream filled puff pastry) – “mon petit chou” is also quite common.

What do you call your boyfriend in French?

French nicknames for men, women, and kids L’amour de ma vie Love of my life Mon amour My love Mon amoureux My lover (does not necessarily have sexual connotation) Mon ange My angel Mon bébé My baby

Can you call a man Cherie?

Ma chérie and mon chéri both refer to “my darling,” the endearing term I am sharing with you here. The difference is that one is feminine (ma chérie, which is said to a female) and the other is masculine (mon chéri, which is said to a male).

What does Baba mean in French?

It means: “sweety” I don’t know the programme to which you refer, but I do know the word “baba” in French. First it’s a masculine noun, you’ll hear it a bit in French cooking, and most of us native english speakers hear it first as “rum baba” from the french “baba au rhum”.

What does Esti mean in French?

A popular French swear word in Quebec, hostie or osti is the French word for “host,” the round bread consecrated during the Eucharist. But this is not the religious “host,” it is used to express frustration or disdain.