When did Jude Law get married?

May 1, 2019

Jude Law is now married to Phillipa Coan, according to multiple reports. The star of The Young Pope has reportedly been dating Coan since 2015. In February 2019, E! News reported a possible engagement when Coan was spotted wearing a ring.

Secondly, how did Phillipa Coan and Jude Law meet? Jude, 46, and business psychologist Phillipa Coan shunned showbiz pals and invited only close family to the low-key ceremony. The Sherlock star and Phillipa, 32, arrived for the civil ceremony at Old Marylebone Town Hall in central London in a chauffeur-driven Range Rover at 11.40am.

One may also ask, how old is Jude Law’s wife?

Phillipa is a 32-year-old business psychologist. She runs her own company, Stride, which specialises in improving employees’ performance. Phillipa began dating actor Jude Law three years ago.

Are Jude Law and Sienna Miller married?

Personal life Miller’s relationship with her Alfie co-star Jude Law was scrutinised by the tabloid press. On Christmas Day 2004, they became engaged. On 8 July 2005, Law issued a public apology to Miller for having an affair with the nanny of his children.

Who is the father of Sienna Miller’s baby?

The British actress — whose high-profile exes include Jude Law and Daniel Craig — still spends oodles of time with The Boat That Rocked actor Tom Sturridge, 33, who is the father of her seven-year-old daughter Marlowe, in New York. But it’s her new German squeeze that has got Si broody again.

Who is Sienna Miller’s baby daddy?

Edwin Miller

Who is Sienna Miller’s boyfriend?

Actress Sienna Miller is reportedly engaged to her boyfriend, Lucas Zwirner, after dating for a little more than a year. A source tells Us Weekly that the duo got engaged very recently after connecting in Dec. 2018 while attending the birthday party of her ex-fiance, Tom Sturridge.

Who is Tom Sturridge dating?

Tom Sturridge is reportedly dating swimwear designer Georgiana Huddart – and the blonde beauty looks exactly like his ex-fiancee. The actor, 32, sparked rumours he was dating again after being spotted enjoying a cosy lunch date in.

What age is Sienna Miller?

38 years (December 28, 1981)

What nationality is Sienna Miller?

American British