Where can I return FasTrak?

You can return your toll tag to the Bay Area FasTrak Customer Service Center in person or by mail. If you are mailing the toll tags, we recommend that you use certified or registered mail to ensure delivery.

If you wish to return your transponder, you may return it by:

  • Mail via Xpress Post to our head office at 6300 Steeles Ave. W., Woodbridge, ON, L4H1J1.
  • Drop off at our head office at 6300 Steeles Ave. W., Woodbridge, ON, L4H1J1.

Similarly, is FasTrak free for carpool? Vanpools also can travel toll-free on both bridges and in Express Lanes. It’s easy to join or form a carpool or vanpool. Use FasTrak correctly for toll-free travel in Express Lanes as a carpool, motorcycle, or eligible CAV. You do not need a toll tag for toll-free travel as a carpool.

Just so, what do I do with my old FasTrak?

If you have an old standard FasTrak transponder (with no small black switch), you can choose to dispose of it the way you would a lithium battery or other hazardous household waste. For more information: CalRecycle.ca.gov/ReduceWaste/Batteries.

Is EZ Pass cheaper than paying tolls?

Most drivers assume they’ll get a break on the tolls for using /*EZPass*/, but according to a recent AAA study, drivers traveling out-of-state may be paying the same as the cash customers. The New York EZPass users will get the discount at the MTA bridges and tunnels and will pay $4.80.

How do I deactivate my transponder?

Call the SunPass Service Center, at 888-865-5352. Tell the customer service representative that you want to deactivate your transponder and close your SunPass account. The SunPass customer service representative will ask for your account number and pin number.

Do I need to return FasTrak transponder?

If you have a standard FasTrak toll tag and need to exchange it for a FasTrak Flex, you can do it online or by phone. You can return your standard toll tag to the Customer Service Center in person or by mail. If you are mailing a toll tag, we recommend that you use certified or registered mail to ensure delivery.

Can I use my transponder in another car?

Using your transponder between vehicles may result in additional charges; the best way to avoid this is to lease a separate transponder for each vehicle that you plan to use on our highway. If your transponders belong to the same account, your additional transponders are discounted.

What happens if EZ Pass doesn’t work?

A.To avoid paying extra for tolls. If your E-ZPass tag is not read properly at the toll facility for some reason, cameras will photograph your license plate. If your license plate number is not registered to your E-ZPass account, you will receive a bill for the non-discounted, full-priced toll amount in the mail.

Can I hold my EZ Pass?

Q: Can I hold the transponder up, instead of mounting it to my windshield? A: No. If you do not have the transponder properly mounted as you pass the “read zone” then it may not work properly. Transponders must be in place prior to approaching the toll lanes.

Does EZ Pass save money?

Benefits of E-ZPass E-ZPass also saves you money through discounts offered by many toll facilities and helps reduce traffic congestion. Most fares are less than cash rates saving you money. Automatically enrolled in the E-Z Discount Plan saving you 25% up to 50% off each month with 30 trips or more.

How long does it take to get an Ezpass?

How long does it take to receive a transponder once I have placed a request or opened a new account online? You will receive your transponder and an account profile in the mail within 5 – 7 business days.

How much is FasTrak monthly?

FasTrak Fees There is a $3.50 minimum monthly toll (MMT), plus $1 for each transponder associated with an account. The MMT can be applied to your monthly toll usage. If you don’t spend $4.50 per month in tolls, your account will be assessed the difference, up to a total of $4.50, for an account with one transponder.

Can you use FasTrak in another car?

Hardcase transponders can be moved from vehicle to vehicle as long as the license plate number for each vehicle is listed on your account and the transponder is properly mounted. You can update all account information online or via our free app.

What is FasTrak threshold amount?

The replenishment threshold is reached when the balance in your FasTrak account equals a two-week average toll usage (based on the previous 90 days’ usage) or $15, whichever amount is greater.

How long does FasTrak battery last?

five years

Can you drive in FasTrak without transponder?

If you go through a Fastrak lane without a toll tag mounted properly, you run the risk of a violation if the license plate is not accurate on your account, or if your account is at a $0 or negative balance. More importantly, California Highway Patrol can pull you over and give you a citation for toll evasion.

How much is FasTrak Flex?

Standard FasTrak toll tags and the FasTrak Flex toll tags are treated the same way – free! There are no fees to open or to maintain a FasTrak account, regardless of the type of toll tag you use. As toll tags are leased, refundable security deposits do apply. The security deposit is $20 per toll tag.

How does FasTrak know if you are a carpool?

The antennas track the vehicle and transmit its path to a computer that contains individual vehicle accounts. After a vehicle exits the ExpressLanes, the antennas tell the computer that the vehicle is gone, and the account is charged, if necessary. (Trips for eligible carpools, vanpools and motorcycles are free.)