Which group did Nixon target during his presidency to expand his base of support?

The answer is A. Blue-collar workers.

1968 United States presidential election

Nominee Richard Nixon Hubert Humphrey
Party Republican Democratic
Home state New York Minnesota
Running mate Spiro Agnew Edmund Muskie
Electoral vote 301 191

Similarly, what country did Carter withdraw US support from? Nicaragua

Just so, why do you think Ford made his speech immediately after gaining the presidency?

Nixon’s scandal shook the public’s trust in government. faced high inflation, skyrocketing prices, and rising unemployment. call on Americans across the country to conserve oil.

What was the central concern of Carter’s foreign policy?

Carter’s foreign policy centered around a promise to make human rights a central concern in the United States’ relations with other countries. He suspended economic and military aid to Chile, El Salvador and Nicaragua in protest of those regimes’ human rights abuses.

What did Richard Nixon do to get impeached?

The articles charged the president with: 1) obstruction of justice in attempting to impede the investigation of the Watergate break-in, protect those responsible, and conceal the existence of other illegal activities; 2) abuse of power by using the office of the presidency on multiple occasions, dating back to the

What is the Watergate scandal in simple terms?

The Watergate scandal was a major federal political scandal in the United States involving the administration of President Richard Nixon from 1972 to 1974 that resulted in the end of Nixon’s presidency.

Why did Nixon win the 1972 election?

Primaries. Richard Nixon was a popular incumbent president in 1972, as he was credited with opening the People’s Republic of China as a result of his 1972 visit, and achieving détente with the Soviet Union. Polls showed that Nixon held a strong lead in the Republican primaries.

What did President Nixon do wrong?

Ford later forgave and pardoned Nixon for all of his crimes. The name “Watergate” comes from the hotel in Washington, D.C. where the first crime took place and is often associated with political scandals. He was stealing information and abusing his presidential power to try to stay in office.

What happened to Nixon after Watergate?

On August 9, 1974, he resigned in the face of almost certain impeachment and removal from office—the only time an American president has done so. After his resignation, he was issued a controversial pardon by his successor, Gerald Ford.

How were Kennedy and Nixon different?

Kennedy’s campaigning skills decisively outmatched Nixon’s, who wasted time and resources campaigning in all fifty states while Kennedy focused on campaigning in populous swing states. Nixon’s emphasis on his experience carried little weight for most voters. Nixon would later successfully seek the presidency in 1968.

What is Richard Nixon known for?

Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, 1913 – April 22, 1994) was an American politician. He served as the 37th President of the United States, serving from 1969 to 1974, when he became the only president to resign. The scandal would cause his resignation.

What laws did Nixon pass?

As part of this policy, Nixon signed the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and SALT I, two landmark arms control treaties with the Soviet Union. Nixon promulgated the Nixon Doctrine, which called for indirect assistance by the United States rather than direct U.S. commitments as seen in the ongoing Vietnam War.

What was the focus of President Ford’s policy toward the Soviet Union?

Generally speaking, President Ford’s policy toward the Soviet Union focused on “C. continuing to pursue détente,” since he wanted relations between the two powers to improve.

What did Nixon believe about executive privilege?

Besides, he claimed Nixon had an absolute executive privilege to protect communications between “high Government officials and those who advise and assist them in carrying out their duties.”

What was Jimmy Carter’s response to the nation’s oil crisis?

Jimmy Carter’s response to the nation’s oil crisis was to request that the nation conserve fuel, he put on a sweater and announced that he was turning his thermostat down to 55 degrees.

What is one way American society changed during the 1970s quizlet?

What is one way in which American society changed during the 1970s? The nation’s divorce rate increased significantly. began to form alliances with other conservatives. Many Americans lost trust in government officials.

What was President Carter’s main foreign policy theme?

Carter’s foreign policy was oriented toward the goals of human rights and peace, negotiating an arms reduction treaty with the USSR, and a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. Carter’s ethos of humility and compassion informed much of his presidency and was reflected in his foreign policy and administration.

What were Carter’s foreign policy successes?

The election of Democrat Jimmy Carter as President in 1976 brought a new emphasis, based on Carter’s personal ideology, to U.S. foreign policy. Carter believed that the nation’s foreign policy should reflect its highest moral principles—a definite break with the policy and practices of the Nixon Administration.